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Environmental Health & Safety

The Department's Mission is

to provide safety, health and advisory services to the University Community through managing risk, assessing and evaluating the environment, advocating safe work practices, providing quality educational programs and ensuring compliance with University and regulatory standards, to support the University's Mission of Learn, Heal, Create and Make the World Ever Better.


To support the University’s mission of education, humanities, research and healthcare with comprehensive Environmental Health & Safety programs that advocate safe work practices, using professional, knowledgeable staff and by providing high quality service.

Our values are:
We are a team of dedicated employees who

have Integrity. Honesty and truthfulness are our guiding principles. We gain our customers' trust and respect, and increase their confidence in our abilities by doing what is right instead of making decisions/decrees based on emotion, bias, personal gain or external pressure.

are Courteous. We treat everyone with polite empathy and dignity. We believe trusting long-term relationships best serve our employees and students' interests.

are Accountable. We are proactive and emphasize positive results. EH&S emphasizes a proactive ideology with the goal of eliminating or minimizing the effect of serious environmental health or safety problems. Preparation, planning and anticipating/prioritizing the risks are all important components of being accountable. EH&S staff has the knowledge and skills to integrate machines, equipment and environments with people and their capabilities. A key part of bringing about necessary change is accomplished by handling unsafe/unhealthy actions or conditions in an educational, constructive and consultative manner while emphasizing the positive results of change to the customer. We take responsibility for our actions and decisions, and base them on sound environmental health & safety practices and principles.

are Respectful. Listening and understanding are critical to achieving reasonable solutions for regulatory compliance. Each person and his or her concern is treated as individual and unique. We take the time to discover and discern the facts of each situation.

have Excellence. We are knowledgeable and dedicated. We apply our same principle of excellence to everything we do. The EH&S staff is committed to providing the University with valuable guidance regarding workplace safety and employee health in a professional manner. Each EH&S employee possesses significant knowledge, expertise, education and experience to excel in serving the University community.


Our goals are:

1. Occupational Safety – Injury reductions – reduce # of patient handling injuries by 10% by year end 2018. [From CY16 (N=88) to CY17 (N=79)]

2. Occupational Safety – Blood exposure reductions – reduce # of blood exposure incidents (sharps, splashes) by 15%. [From CY16 (348) to CY18 (295)]

3. Radiological Safety – Radiation exposure reduction - reduce by 5% measurable University-wide of annual cumulative deep dose from 35 REM (CY17) to 33 REM (CY18).

4. Sanitation – Cut-related injuries – reduce # of cut-related injuries in Douglass Dining by 50% from FY16-17 (N=21) to FY17-18 (N=10).

5. Fire Safety – Cooking Fire Alarm reductions – reduce # of cooking fire alarms by 10%. [From CY16 (N=585) to CY17 (N=527)]

6. Emergency Management – AlertUR Participation - Increase enrollment in Alert UR’s text messaging and phone call delivery methods by 10% over the next calendar year (from 55.5% for SMS text and 60.9% for phone calls in CY 17). 

7. Environmental Compliance – Unknown Chemicals for Disposal - Reduce the number of unknown chemicals turned in for disposal from 15 (CY17) to 6 or less (CY18).


Contact EH&S at (585) 275-3241 or e-mail EH&S Questions.

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