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Environmental Health & Safety

The Department's Mission is

to provide safety and advisory services to the University Community through managing risk, assessing and evaluating the environment, advocating safe work practices, providing quality educational programs and ensuring compliance with University and regulatory standards.


To support the University’s mission of education and healthcare with comprehensive Environmental Health & Safety programs that advocate safe work practices, using professional, knowledgeable staff and by providing high quality service.

Our values are:
We are a team of dedicated employees who

are professional. The EH&S staff is dedicated to providing the University with valuable guidance regarding workplace safety and employee health in a professional manner. Each employee possesses significant knowledge, expertise, education and experience and many have obtained nationally recognized certification in their areas of responsibility. This knowledge and expertise is applied to routine and challenging tasks in a professional manner to better serve the University community.

are courteous. EH&S believes that long-term, strong and trusting relationships must be built between its personnel and the customer base we serve. All EH&S employees, commencing with top management, regardless of the issue at hand, make a conscious effort to treat those we interact with politely and respectfully.

are proactive. EH&S emphasizes a proactive ideology with the goal of eliminating or minimizing the effect of serious environmental health or safety problems. Preparation, planning and anticipating/prioritizing the risks are all important components of being proactive. EH&S staff has the knowledge and skills to integrate machines, equipment and environments with people and their capabilities. A key part of bringing about necessary change is accomplished by handling unsafe/unhealthy actions or conditions in an educational, constructive and consultative manner while emphasizing the positive results of change to the customer.

are approachable. We are responsible to ensure regulatory compliance. It is important we maintain a reputation of being approachable. Members of the University community may contact us without concern that information provided will be used in a punitive manner, but rather constructive and insightful. We strive to find reasonable solutions that will still comply with government regulations and/or University requirements, while being understanding of their situation.

have integrity. Honesty and truthfulness are the main motivators and guiding principles in our decision making process. We gain our customers’ trust and respect, and increase their confidence in our abilities by doing what is right instead of making decisions/decrees based on emotion, bias or personal gain.

Our goals are:

1. Convert existing EH&S training programs into Blackboard, identify training gaps and develop new Blackboard training programs to close the gap.

2. Enhance the University's Laboratory Safety Program to minimize the risk of injury or illness to faculty/staff and students by ensuring they have the training, information, support and processes to work safely in the laboratory.

3. Develop concrete metrics to determine the effectiveness of EH&S major activities.

4. Define the EH&S needs to support the University's vision and growth.

5. Job Hazard Assessment - Raise awareness of the University-wide Job Hazard Assessment program.

6. Enhance and strengthen EH&S' presence in the University.

7. Reduce the number and severity of injuries to reduce and reverse the Worker's Compensation expense curve.


Contact EH&S at (585) 275-3241 or e-mail EH&S Questions.

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