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Environmental Health & Safety

Sanitarian's Office

Sanitarian's Office Food Events Guidelines

  1. For temporary food events, a Temporay Food/Baked Goods Event Request Form must be submitted to the Sanitarian's Office at least 14 calendar days prior to the event date. (Baked Goods Events are also considered temporary food events.) Information concerning the name of the organization, person in charge, time, place, type of foods involved, and locations of preparation sites will be requested. The information provided on this form will help determine if a permit is required from the Monroe County Health Department or the University's Sanitarian's Office. If the form is submitted less than 14 days prior to the event, the Sanitarian’s Office reserves the right to not accept it. Submitting this request form is only the first step. Written approval from the Sanitarian's Office is required.
  2. All foods must be prepared by a food facility that is licensed or permitted.
  3. Food that is purchased or prepared in a location away from the event site should be transported as quickly as possible and not until just prior to the commencement of the event.
  4. Food should be transported in a clean vehicle and covered or wrapped during this period to protect it from contamination. It is highly recommended that the food vendor deliver the food.
  5. Food should be covered when displayed for public access or kept in a manner such that contamination or handling from the public cannot occur.
  6. All potentially hazardous foods should be kept below 45oF or above 140oF except during necessary preparation time or a short display period. Hot or cold holding equipment may be required to store and display food during an event. A food thermometer is also required if potentially hazardous foods will be served. Any food left at a temperature between 45oF and 140oF for two hours or more must be disposed of.
  7. Individuals who plan to handle food should be refrain from this activity if they are ill with any of the following symptoms: Gastrointestinal disturbances, fever, severe sore throat, chills, cold or flu-like symptoms.
  8. Gloves must be worn when handling any food.
  9. All food handlers should wear hair restraints during the handling and serving of food.
  10. Portable handwashing equipment is to be made available at each individual food booth or in a common area where all booths have easy and close access. This equipment includes a container that can hold clear warm water and discharge it in a continuous stream, a bucket to catch the waste water, soap, and paper towels. The container must be clearly labeled for hand washing.
  11. Food grade cleaner and sanitizer with a supply of clean cloths must be available to wipe equipment that may be contaminated.
  12. All food and paper products (cups, napkins, etc.) should be kept off the ground, especially during outside events.
  13. A covered trash container is needed within each booth.
  14. Ground covering in and around the booth should be easily cleanable and of material that cannot become airborne and cause food to be contaminated. (i.e. dirt and wood shavings are unacceptable.)
  15. For outdoor events, a tent or other suitable covering may be required over food and supplies.
  16. The Sanitarian's Office reserves the right to prohibit the selling of any food that is suspected or known to be unfit for human consumption.
  17. All individuals involved with the food event shall be made aware of these guidelines.

  • There is a fee for Temporary Food Permits. See the food event request form
  • A meeting involving the organizers and the University Sanitarian may be required.
  • There are additional requirements for the use of tents. Please see the University's Fire Marshal's web site:

Contact EH&S at (585) 275-3241 or e-mail EH&S Questions.

This page last updated 10/28/2019.