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Environmental Health & Safety

Sanitarian's Office

Temporary Food / Baked Goods Event Request Form

This form will need to be filled out and sent to the Sanitarian’s Office at least 14 calendar days prior to an event where food will be served to the University Public or the General Public. If using Dining Services as the food vendor and if they are serving the food, it will not be necessary to fill out this form. Once the form is received by the University Sanitarian, decisions will be made as to the requirements necessary to serve food at your event, including if and what type of health permit will be necessary. Submitting this application is only the first step. Written approval from the Sanitarian's Office is required.

Any one student organization or group cannot be involved with, or receive more than two temporary food event permits per semester that are open to the entire University or community. The maximum time for any temporary food event is three days. Individual students cannot receive temporary food event permits - they must be part of an organized and recognized student group on campus. The main purpose of the food event cannot be to promote a specific product or company.

Please realize that we do not allow individuals to prepare food themselves in dorm kitchens or in off-site homes. Submitting this form early in the process can help your organization have a successful event by utilizing University resources that can assist you.

Permit fee, through the University, is $30.00. There is a $10 late fee if application is submitted less than 10 days prior to the event. Failure to pay for the permit and/or failure to acquire the permit itself, will disqualify that organization from being granted another temporary food event until the permit is paid for and received by that group or organization. This fee is waived if a permit through the Monroe County Health Department is required. The Health Department does charge for this type of permit. Information on these fees is available through the Sanitarian's Office.

If you have any questions regarding the process or filling out this form, please call the Environmental Health and Safety Office at 275-3241 or email at

Name of event :

Date of Event (limit - 3 days):

Event location:
      Food serving: start time  end time

      Number of expected attendees:

Person(s) in charge & phone #(s):

Name & phone # of person completing form:

Contact person's e-mail address:

If a student group, name and phone # of advisor:

Type of event:   private group  UofR only   UofR and outside community

Will grills be used by the vendor?
      If yes, what type

Will a tent(s) be used?    If yes, will it be enclosed?

Will there be any special effects?
If yes, please explain:

Will alcohol be served?
      If yes, who will be serving:

List food & beverage items to be served:

Food purchase location:

Who will be preparing the food?

List address and phone # of restaurant or caterer who will be preparing the food:

Who will be serving the food?

Answer the following questions if your group will be serving the food.

How is the food to be transported?

What cold holding equipment will be used during the event?

What hot holding equipment will be used during the event?

Is there a food thermometer available for potentially hazardous foods? Yes    No

Are there gloves and hats for workers? Yes    No

What equipment will be used for handwashing?

Have you received a copy of the Food Event Guidelines? Yes    No

Have you gone over or do you plan to go over the Guidelines with all individuals involved with the preparation or serving process? Yes    No

University Sanitarian, Environmental Health & Safety
685 Mt Hope Ave, RC Box 278878
Phone: 275-3241
Fax: 274-0001

Submitting this form does not automatically mean that you may proceed with your event. Permission must be granted by the Sanitarian's Office.

Contact EH&S at (585) 275-3241 or e-mail EH&S Questions.

This page last updated 8/11/2023.