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Environmental Health & Safety

Staff Directory

Administration --- x53241

Associate Vice President for Environmental Health & Safety --- Mark Cavanaugh, CFPS, CHSP

    Administrator --- Rita Simolo
    Assistant to the Associate Vice President --- Patty Bardeen
    Assistant Director --- Mike Liberty, CIH, CSP

Business Continuity

    Business Continuity Manager --- Anne Vincent
    Emergency Preparedness --- Tom Saunders

Environmental Compliance --- x52056

Environmental Compliance Manager --- Brad Miller

    Environmental Compliance Specialist --- Ehren Bender
    Environmental Compliance Specialist --- Dan Tomkinson

    Hazardous Waste Technician --- Aaliyah Jason

Fire Safety Office --- x53243

Fire Marshal --- Mark Cavanaugh, CFPS, CHSP

    Assistant to the Fire Marshal --- Patty Bardeen
    Fire Safety Coordinator (Hospital & Medical School) --- Mark Militello, NYS CEO
    Fire Safety Inspector --- Kyle DeVos
    Fire Safety Inspector --- Hannah Deserto
    Fire Safety Inspector --- Brian Prinzing
    Fire Safety Inspector ---
    Fire Safety Coordinator (Residential Life, River Campus, Eastman, MAG) --- Justin Carlson, NYS CEO
    Fire Safety Inspector --- Josh Jarowowicz
    Fire Safety Inspector --- RT Magin
    Fire Safety Inspector --- Bryen Murrock

Laboratory Safety --- x53241

Laboratory Safety Manager --- Carolyn Place, CIH, CSP

    Biosafety Officer --- Sonia Rosenberger
    Biosafety Technical Associate --- Julie
    Chemical Safety Technical Associate --- Abby
    Laboratory Technical Associate --- Sarah
    Administrative Assistant --- Donna Douglass

Occupational Safety --- x53241

Occupational Safety Manager --- Mike Liberty, CIH, CSP

    Senior Asbestos Control Specialist --- Randy Smallridge
    Asbestos Control Specialist --- Dan Ziegler
    Senior Industrial Hygienist --- Colleen Baker, CIH, MHS
    Environmental Health & Safety Technician --- Chris Rivoli
    Industrial Hygienist --- Eric Perry
    Occupational Safety Specialist --- Yohana Rivero, MPH
    Occupational Safety Specialist --- Katie Root, MS, CIH, CSP
    Occupational Safety Specialist --- Chris Widmer
    Administrative Assistant --- Donna Douglass

Pest Control Unit --- x53241

Pest Control Manager --- Tristan Kasper

    Senior Pest Management Specialist --- Jeremy Metcalfe
    Senior Pest Management Specialist --- Bill Wilbor
    Secretary ---

Radiation Safety --- x53781

Radiation Safety Officer ---

    Health Physicist --- Rayma Bilicki
    Radiation Safety/Quality Assurance Technician --- Elvedina Hasanovic
    Radiation Safety/Quality Assurance Technician --- Scott Howard
    Radiation Safety/Quality Assurance Technician --- Logan Schott
    Radiation Safety/Quality Assurance Technician ---
    RSU Dosimetry Coordinator --- Patty Pschierer

Sanitarian's Office --- x53241

Senior Sanitarian --- Tristan Kasper

    Environmental Health Technician --- Claire Wolters
    Secretary ---

Contact EH&S at (585) 275-3241 or e-mail Questions.

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