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Environmental Health & Safety

Frequently Asked Questions

Environmental Issues:

Who should I contact if I am new here at the University and feel that I am being exposed to hazardous materials?

Who do I contact if I notice a gas leak from a car?

Who should I contact if I am concerned about the indoor air quality in my office?

Who should I contact if I’m concerned about the noise levels in my workspace?

What should I do if I notice a strong disagreeable odor in my workplace?


Is EH&S the same as Environmental Services?

Where do I get information about fire safety?

Pest Problems:

What do I do if I find a bat inside the building or other animal where it doesn’t belong?

Do you pick up dead animals found on University property and roads?

Why do we have this pest problem (roaches, ants, flies, mice, etc.)?

I work in the hospital.  What should be done if a patient or belongings are infested with bugs?


How do I become a Chematix user?

How and when do I have to register with the UR Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)?


I have concerns about the general cleanliness or sanitation of a classroom, work area or living space. What can I do?

The tap water does not seem right. Why does it taste, look or smell funny?

Special Events:

Are there specific requirements to have a tent for a function at the University?

Do I have to use a caterer on the catering list for University sponsored or paid for food events?

When is the approved caterers list changed?


How do I register for any of the Environmental Health & Safety training sessions that are offered?

Workplace Safety:

How do I report a work-related injury or illness?

Should I report a near miss incident?

Who do I contact to assist me if I am uncomfortable while at my workstation?

I need to perform a job hazard assessment for my work group.  Where can I find more information on how to do this?

We are in the process of setting up/remodeling our lab space and have questions about fire extinguishers.  Who should we contact?

How often are the fire extinguishers checked to ensure they are still functioning?

When an employee is accidentally stuck with a needle, why are there so many questions asked in following up on the incident?

Where can I get a sharps container?

I broke a fever thermometer that contained mercury. Can I be over-exposed to mercury?  What actions should I take to clean up the mercury?

Contact EH&S at (585) 275-3241 or e-mail EH&S Questions.

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