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Environmental Health & Safety

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Why do I have to register my protocol?
  2. I receive no external funding. Do I have to register my protocol?
  3. I receive no funding from NIH. Do I have to register my recombinant DNA protocol?
  4. I have a fellowship grant to conduct recombinant DNA research. Do I have to register my grant?
  5. What type of research must be registered with the IBC?
  6. If I am registering a new grant or project (set of experiments) or a 5-year update, what forms do I need to complete?
  7. If I am modifying an already-approved grant or project (set of experiments), what forms do I need to complete?
  8. If I am submitting a UCAR (new or 36 month review), what forms do I need to complete?
  9. If I am modifying a UCAR protocol, what forms do I need to complete?
  10. What do I do if my protocol has been completed or terminated?
  11. Where should I send my completed IBC registration forms?
  12. How long will the IBC approval process take?
  13. How should I respond to the additional questions from the IBC?
  14. Should I submit a revised IBC registration form with my response to the additional questions?
  15. I share a lab with an investigator who is already registered with the IBC. Doesn't that grant/project registration apply to my work in the shared lab?
  16. How do I find out what biosafety level I am supposed to use for the infectious agents I work with?
  17. I am moving my lab to another building. What do I have to do?
  18. Why do I need to have my laboratory inspected and who do I contact to have it done?
  19. May I become a member of the Institutional Biosafety Committee?
  20. Do all my mammalian cells and cell lines have to be registered with the IBC?
  21. Where can I find information about registering my transgenic mice?
  22. Can I delegate the completion of IBC registration documents to my staff?


Contact EH&S at (585) 275-3241 or e-mail EH&S Questions.

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