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Environmental Health & Safety

Laboratory Safety Unit

Safety Training for Laboratory Personnel


To assure compliance with federal and state regulations, alll those working in labs or supervising lab personnel must complete EH&S laboratory safety training annually. Departments can schedule a live 3-hour session for their department provided a minimum of 20 people are scheduled to attend by calling EH&S at 275-3241. Electronic training is available anytime using a University-based computer.

EH&S Lab Safety Training sessions include topics to comply with the following regulations:

  • OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) compliance training for the standards:
      Bloodborne Pathogens
      Fire Safety
      Formaldehyde Standard
      Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety
      Laboratory Standard
      Personal Protective Equipment Standards
  • EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) issues for minimizing waste and disposal of hazardous waste and regulated medical waste
  • Biosafety information covering CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), New York State Department of Health, and Department of Environmental Conservation issues

A number of training programs were developed based on the hazard classes present in laboratories at the University:

  • Phlebotomists, Venous Nurses and Clinical Study Coordinators - training program designed only for those who draw blood or coordinate clinical studies
  • Clinical and Research Lab Personnel - Three safety training programs have been developed based on the activities in the lab. All individuals in a particular lab must complete the same training program. Each individual only needs to complete ONE of the three options listed below. If you are not sure which one to take, the EHS Laboratory Safety Training Chemical/Biological/Animal covers the most information.
    • EHS Laboratory Safety Training Chemical/Biological/Animal - training for staff working with hazardous agents including chemicals, recombinant DNA, human specimens, infectious agents and animals and physical hazards
    • EHS Laboratory Safety Training Chemical/Biological - training for staff working with chemicals,recombinant DNA, human specimens, infectious agents, physical hazards but NO animals. This training is commonly used for clinical lab personnel.
    • EHS Laboratory Safety Training Standard Chemical - training program for staff working with chemicals and physical hazards

If you are paid by the University (PI, lab supervisor, laboratory technician, laboratory technical associate, or a graduate student) use MyPath.

    Directions to access MyPath:
    1. First, go the MyPath home page -, click the "Enter MyPath" button, and log into MyPath using your NetId credentials.
    2. In the upper-right hand search box, type in part of the course name (i.e. Laboratory Safety Training) and press "Enter" or click on the magnifier in the search box
    3. A list of Training modules to choose from will show up and then pick the course that describes the materials used in the lab
    4. Click on the blue "Request" box to enroll in the course
    5. The selected course is added to your Learning Transcript
    6. Click on the "Open Curriculum" drop-down to start the module
    7. Click on "View Details" and the lessons contained in that training topic will be listed
    8. Click "Launch" to start each lesson one at a time
    9. You must complete all the lessons listed in order to successfully complete the course. A checkmark will appear on the top-right corner of the lesson icon when that specific lesson has been completed.
    If there are any technical issues regarding these courses in MyPath, please contaact the MyPath Support group at

If you are a graduate student not employed by the University or an undergraduate student working in a lab (work study) or participating in an undergraduate lab project, you will need to use the Blackboard option.

    Directions to access Blackboard/
    1. First, go the Blackboard home page -
    2. This will open the login page for
    3. Type in your username and password as directed and click on the "login" button on the screen
    4. In the upper right hand corner, click on "Courses"
    5. In the Course search box type "laboratory safety training". Be patient - it may take a minute for the new window to load
    6. Find the current year Course ID, put the cursor over the course, click on the down arrow and select enroll from the menu
    7. On the next page, click submit. This will bring you to the self-enrollment page
    8. In the bottom right corner click "OK" and the course selection will load
    9. Choose the course that is appropriate for the work done in your laboratory (Standard Chemical, Chemical/Biological, Chemical/Biological/Animal, or Phlebotomists, Venous Nurses and Study Coordinators)
    If you have any issues with the login or loading the course page, please call the Blackboard helpdesk at 275-6865.


    For new students who do not have a Blackboard account - go to, click on "Initialize your NetID"

    If for any reason you have to leave the course training before completing it and finish later, you'll notice after you log in that the course will be listed in the middle of the page as a "Continuous" course - allowing you to go back to where you left off and complete the training

    For those using radioactive materials or lasers, addtional training is required. Contact EH&S at 275-3241 for additional information

    The PI/Supervisor must provide training to staff members on the specific special hazards or equipment used in the laboratory

Contact EH&S at (585) 275-3241 or e-mail EH&S Questions.

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