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Environmental Health & Safety

Sanitarian's Office

General Sanitation

There are State and County codes and regulations that have to be adhered to involving general sanitary conditions and public nuisances. In addition, unsanitary conditions can create an environment where disease is more easily spread and opportunities for pests to proliferate.

The University's Sanitarian’s Office responds to concerns, complaints or findings involving a wide variety of situations or conditions where poor sanitation exists. Examples include extremely cluttered or very unclean dwellings, restrooms, or other common spaces such as loading docks or trash storage areas.

Once a complaint is registered with the Sanitarian’s Office or a finding noted, an investigation will be conducted. If merited, the responsible individual(s) or department will be notified including the corrective action that needs to take place. The Sanitarian’s Office can provide assistance, education or advice to help abate the unsanitary condition and to keep it from reoccurring. A follow-up will occur to ensure the situation has been rectified. If there is a complainant, that person will be notified of the action taken and results.

To report a sanitation issue, please use the complaint form available on the website -

Contact EH&S at (585) 275-3241 or e-mail EH&S Questions.

This page last updated 12/20/2011.