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Environmental Health & Safety

Sanitarian's Office

Bake Goods Event Guidelines

  1. A Temporary Food/Baked Goods Event Request form shall be submitted to the University Sanitarian at least 14 calendar days prior to the sale date.  Information concerning the name of the organization, person in charge, time, place, type of bake goods involved and locations of preparation sites will be requested.  If the application is submitted less than 14 days prior to the event, the Sanitarian’s Office reserves the right to not accept the application. Submitting the application is only the first step. Written approval from the Sanitarian's Office is required.
  2. The baked goods must come from a food service establishment that has a valid permit issued by the Monroe County Health Department.
  3. No more than five vendors can supply the baked goods for any one event.
  4. Cream and custard filled pastries and other perishable bake goods, which can support microbiological growth and thus requiring refrigeration are prohibited.
  5. All home canned foods are prohibited.
  6. All individuals involved with set and serving shall be free of any infectious disease that can be transmitted through food.
  7. Food shall be transported wrapped or in covered containers to protect from contamination.
  8. Food items are to be covered at all times including display to protect them from contamination.  Plastic transparent material is recommended so the buyer may view the item without opening the wrapper.
  9. Gloves need to be worn whenever there will be hand contact with the food during set-up and serving.  Touching of the food with bare hands is prohibited. Tissues or utensils maybe substituted for gloves.
  10. Tissues or utensils must be used for self-serve operations.
  11. The Sanitarian's Office reserves the right to prohibit the selling of any food that is suspected or known to be unfit for human consumption.
  12. All individuals involved with the bake sale shall be made aware of guidelines #2-#10.

If these rules are followed, a permit to operate will be provided by the Sanitarian’s Office.  This permit should be displayed for public view or made available upon request during the event.

  • There is a fee for Temporary Food Permits. See the food event request form
  • A meeting involving the organizers and the University Sanitarian may be required.
  • There are additional requirements for the use of tents. Please see the University's Fire Marshal's web site:

Contact EH&S at (585) 275-3241 or e-mail EH&S Questions.

This page last updated 10/28/2019.