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Environmental Health & Safety

Don't Fry Day

The Friday before Memorial Day has been designated by the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention (incl. American Cancer Society, American Academy of Pediatrics, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) as the annual "Don't Fry Day". The awareness campaign to prevent skin cancer is timed to coincide with the unofficial start of summer and a weekend marked by many with outdoor activities.

Ultraviolet Light (UV) from the sun can occur in varying amounts on both clear and light to moderately overcast days. People tend to overlook taking precautions on overcast days and that's when we tend to see the most sunburns occur.

In addition to checking on the temperatures and rain chances, it is important to also check the forecast for the UV Index for the day if you plan on spending significant time outdoors. Even just an hour can be too long if left unprotected.

Some other helpful hints:

  • Wear Protective Clothing - Consider putting on a long sleeve shirt or other cover, a hat and UV rated sunglasses.
  • Seek Shade - Find a nice shade tree, pitch a tent, hang a tarp, or a picnic shelter. Minimize time in direct sunlight. Take breaks from the sun.
  • Generously Apply Sunscreen - Most common mistake with sunscreen application is incomplete coverage and failure to reapply after the manufacturer's recommended duration. Swimming and other water sports can wash off sunscreen even faster.
  • Check the UV Index.
  • Use Extra Caution Near Water, Snow and Sand - These surfaces can reflect a large amount of UV light upward and strike the skin from angles you weren't expecting.
  • Get Vitamin D Safely

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