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Environmental Health & Safety

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Job Hazard Assessment


OSHA Standards 29 CFR 1910.132 - 1910.138 require employers to complete job hazard assessments (JHAs) for the tasks their employees perform. According to the University of Rochester’s Personal Protective Equipment Program, it is the responsibility of the employee's Manager, Principal Investigator or Supervisor to perform a job hazard assessment to determine the biological, chemical and physical hazards, which are present in an employee's workspace or hazards that are encountered during an employee's normal duties and to provide any personal protective equipment that these assessments show a need for.

All University of Rochester Managers, Principal Investigators or Supervisors MUST complete a job hazard assessment for the tasks that are performed by their employees. To simplify this process, Environmental Health and Safety has provided a form which can be downloaded, printed and used to complete the job hazard assessments. EH&S is available to provide any assistance to Managers, Principal Investigators or Supervisors upon request at x5-3241. Filling out the form should not take any longer than 5-10 minutes at the most to complete. After completing the form, please sign the completed document and place it in your departmental file. EH&S will perform periodic JHA audits in randomly selected departments to ensure the JHA has been completed for each position in your department.

NOTE: OSHA also requires job hazard assessments whenever there is a significant change in the workplace or in an employee's regular duties. University of Rochester Managers, Principal Investigators or Supervisors will need to complete a second job hazard assessment whenever these changes occur.

Please refer to the Job Hazard Assessment Program for additional information and details as well as sample completed forms:
Job Hazard Assessment Program -

Contact EH&S at (585) 275-3241 or e-mail EH&S Questions.

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