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Environmental Health & Safety


The University of Rochester strives to install gas sensors where indicated and/or needed.   The Occupational Safety Unit of EH&S, working with the design team and the user, will help make the determination.  Sensors are designed to monitor for flammable gasses, toxic gases, asphyxiates, and pressure.  Each location must be evaluated individually to determine if the potential exists for these hazards.  The attached form shall be filled out by the user for each sensor installation.


  • Each location where gas is to be used will be evaluated to determine if and how many sensors are required.  This will be discussed at the project design review, documented in the project notes, and noted on the project plans.
  • Renovated facilities where gasses are used will be evaluated to determine the need for sensors.  This will be discussed at the project design review, documented in the project notes, and noted on the project plans.
  • Each existing location where gasses are used shall be evaluated by the user and EH&S for the need to add sensors.


  • Each sensor will be alarmed.  Alarms will be a combination of local and remote and this will be determined for each individual installation.  The response to the alarm will be identified and documented on the accompanying form.
    • A sign shall be posted on the hallway side of the door stating the indicated response to the alarm as indicated on the accompanying form.
    • EH&S will be notified by an email from the department.
  • Further details and alarm protocols and response will be determined based on the level of hazard associated with the gas and the facility.

Testing and Calibration

  • The accompanying gas system sensor form must be completed in full before the sensor/alarm can be purchased and/or installed. 
  • Complete this form for each gas system/alarm to be installed as specified during the design phase of the project.
  • All sensors/alarms must be tested and maintained following, at a minimum, the manufacturers’ performance specifications and with procedures consistent with recognized national and international test methods.  Written procedures and logs for equipment maintenance and calibration of the sensors must be maintained by the owning department and available to EH&S upon request.
  • Send/fax the completed form to Occupational Safety (Fax: 274-0001 or

Contact EH&S at (585) 275-3241 or e-mail EH&S Questions.

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