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Environmental Health & Safety

Laboratory Safety Unit

Laboratory Door Signage

In order the better serve the labs, support staff and first responders, the following door signage is now required on all laboratory doors that lead into hallways, corridors, and linear equipment rooms. This new door signage will replace the need to list your two contacts separately on your doors. The sign does NOT replace the biological materials, lasers, high magnetic fields, radiological materials, or other required signage.

This laboratory door sign must be printed in COLOR

Directions for use:

  1. Review your chemical inventory to determine if you have any of the eight general hazard classes in your laboratories.
  2. If you have any, place a check mark or an X in the box to the left of the pictogram.
  3. Place a check mark or an X in the box to the right of the pictogram if you have large quantities of that hazard class (i.e. If the total amount from containers of different chemicals having the same hazard class exceeds the quantity listed to the right of the pictogram).
    1. Example: Calculate the total amount of all flammable solvents such as flammable solvents, alcohols and flammable acids (such as ethanol, methanol, hexane, xylene, acetic acid, etc.). If the combined quantity is greater than 10 gallons, the box to the left as well as the box to the right of the flammable pictogram needs to be checked off.
    2. Note: If you have a 160 liter container of liquid nitrogen in your lab, check off both boxes for the gas cylinder pictogram because of the thermal expansion of the cryogenic gas.
  4. Fill in the PI and Lab Manager information. Those labs that have registered with Public Safety (provided Public Safety with phone numbers to call in the event of an emergency), can list Public Safety's phone number. Otherwise, list your office phone number and after hours contact number.
  5. Enter the date and who filled out the form at the bottom of the sign and post it on your door.

If you have any questions regarding the door signage, please contact your laboratory inspector or call the EH&S main office at 275-3241.

Contact EH&S at (585) 275-3241 or e-mail EH&S Questions.

This page last updated 9/23/2022. Disclaimer.