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Environmental Health & Safety


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    1. Intention
      1. Laboratory decommissioning involves the formal deactivation of a laboratory, assuring the safety of the space for further cleaning, renovation, or occupancy. The Laboratory Safety Unit checks laboratory locations, and lab support locations, where chemicals, biological materials, radioactive materials, non-fixed equipment, supplies, and physical hazards are present or used.
      2. Prior to vacating laboratories, the PI/supervisor must complete all the activities listed in the Laboratory Decommissioning Program ( A partial list of the requirements includes:
        1. The removal and disposal, as appropriate, of all chemicals, radioactive and biological materials;
        2. The removal of all non-fixed laboratory equipment and supplies;
        3. The removal of all unwanted and waste materials; and,
        4. The cleaning/disinfecting of counter tops and other visibly contaminated surfaces in the lab.
    2. Responsibilities
      1. For research locations, the Principal Investigator must make the necessary notifications as listed in the University of Rochester’s Laboratory Decommissioning Program.  In the event the PI fails to make the notification, the departmental administrator is responsible for the notification.
      2. For clinical lab locations, an administrator can make the necessary notifications.
      3. Should a lab be vacated and the necessary notifications or the removal of equipment or hazardous materials has not been accomplished, the department is responsible for the cost involved for the needed decommissioning activities.
      4. Decommissioning of jointly used spaces, such as cold rooms, are the responsibility of the previous users and their department.
    3. References
    4. See  for the comprehensive list of the actions that need to be taken for lab decommissioning.

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