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Environmental Health & Safety


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  2. Medical consultations and examinations are available for research personnel from University Health Service (UHS) and for clinical lab personnel at Strong Occupational and Environmental Medicine (SOEM).  In the event of a serious injury or after hour emergency, care is available at Strong Memorial Hospital's Emergency Department.  All required medical examinations and consultations are performed by and under the direct supervision of a licensed physician and are provided without cost to the employee.

    1. Consultations: Consultations and medical examinations for work-related illnesses, injury, and other medical conditions related to an exposure to hazardous chemical(s), are made available under the following circumstances:
      1. When an employee develops signs or symptoms associated with a hazardous chemical to which he/she may have been exposed in the laboratory.
      2. Where exposure monitoring reveals any exposure level routinely above the OSHA Action Level (AL), Short Term Exposure Limit (STEL), Ceiling Limit, or Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) for which there are exposure monitoring and medical surveillance requirements.  The Laboratory Safety Unit will report to UHS/SOEM those employees who have been monitored and found to be over-exposed to a hazardous chemical so they may be included in the appropriate medical surveillance program.  Subsequent periodic chemical monitoring, if the employees are still working with the hazardous chemical, will be sent to UHS/SOEM.
      3. Whenever an unusual event takes place in the work area such as a spill, leak, an explosion, or other occurrence resulting in the likelihood of a hazardous chemical exposure or injury.  For these events, an Incident Report is to be submitted so the medical expense is not incurred by the employee.
        1. For research personnel experiencing a chemical exposure or other injury: During working hours of 8 AM to 4:30 PM, call x5-2662.  Identify yourself, state that a person (provide name) has been injured or exposed (if exposed to a chemical, identify the chemical, the extent of the exposure, etc.), what preliminary precautions have been taken, and that the exposed patient needs medical attention. For chemical exposures, bring a copy of the SDS for the chemical/mixture.
        2. For clinical lab personnel (Division 50) experiencing a chemical exposure or other minor injury: During working hours of 8 AM to 4:30 PM, call Strong Occupational and Environmental Medicine at x5-1164 and provide the information as listed above.  Medical treatment will be triaged to the appropriate medical care location (i.e. AC3 or Strong ED).  Bring a copy of the SDS for the medical personnel for chemical exposures.
        3. For chemical exposures occurring at other times or those sustaining serious injuries: Call x13 (Public Safety) and request a MERT Response. SMH’s Emergency Department should be utilized for these types of serious injuries.
        4. For other concerns for research personnel, call the UHS Occupational Health Program at x5-4955.
    2. Physician Findings
      1. The physician shall examine the employee and determine any associated medical tests that may be needed in the medical determination.
      2. Based on the medical examination and any associated medical tests, the physician shall provide a written opinion to the employee and provide recommendations for further medical follow up, medical tests, or further examinations/treatments.
      3. The physician’s written opinion shall state any medical condition that may place the employee at increased risk as a result of an exposure to any hazardous chemical found in their work location. This written opinion shall NOT reveal specific findings/diagnosis unrelated to occupational exposure to hazardous chemicals.
        1. The immediate supervisor and the Laboratory Safety Unit shall be provided copies of the written opinion verifying the employee has been informed of the consultation, examination, and any other medical condition that may require further examination or treatment.  The Laboratory Safety Unit shall complete a workplace assessment to ensure proper controls are in place to minimize potential exposures to hazardous chemicals of concern.
        2. The Laboratory Safety Unit will provide to the employee, the immediate supervisor, and UHS/SOEM written confirmation of the workplace assessment and the recommended actions to be taken.
      4. UHS/SOEM shall maintain records of any medical examination, medical tests, chemical monitoring from the Laboratory Safety Unit, or other findings and make them available to the employee.  Such information shall be transferable.
    3. Special Programs: Special medical surveillance programs are provided when indicated by a department or unit's unique needs and are available through UHS or SOEM.  The department must contact the medical care provider for department charges and other information.

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