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Environmental Health & Safety

Personal Protective Equipment Program

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PDF Version of Personal Protective Equipment Program

    1. Supervisor
    2. A Certificate of hazard assessment must be completed to document that the hazard assessment has been performed. Re-assessments must be performed whenever there is a significant change in the workplace (equipment, process, hazard) or an employee's regular duties. The CHA must be updated to reflect any required modifications. On request, Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) can assist supervisors in completing hazard assessments.

      It is also the supervisor's responsibility to:

      • Contact EH&S to review and sign-off on all PPE Certification of Hazard Assessments
      • Provide and document site specific training in the proper selection, use, limitations, and care of PPE (with the assistance of EH&S on request), or to ensure that such training is provided to his or her employees
      • Based on the results of the PPE hazard assessment, make sure that their employees have the appropriate equipment
      • Ensure that all PPE is clean and reliable, and that any necessary resources and facilities for PPE care and storage are available
      • Ensure that his or her employees correctly use any and all PPE required to protect them from all reasonably recognizable hazards present in the task(s) they are performing and/or the area(s) in which they are working.
    3. Department or Unit
    4. Any costs associated with the use of PPE are the responsibility of the employee's unit or department. In addition, departments must keep all records pertaining to their compliance with this policy, such as employee attendance at training sessions and CHA documentation.

    5. Environmental Health & Safety
    6. It is the responsibility of Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) to provide assistance in performing PPE hazard assessments and selecting appropriate PPE upon request. EH&S shall review all hazard assessments with the supervisor, prior to final sign-off, Prior to final sign-off, EH&S must review the certificate of hazard assessment with the supervisor. Furthermore, EH&S can assist supervisors in providing any necessary PPE training and may assist departments on a regular basis by reviewing compliance with this document and providing feedback, clarification, and other assistance as needed.

    7. Employee
    8. It is the employee's responsibility to:

      • Wear PPE as required to perform his or her job safely;
      • Provide daily care of the equipment;
      • Attend training sessions as required;
      • To immediately report any damaged, outdated, or malfunctioning PPE to his or her supervisor immediately for repair or replacement.

      For additional information on responsibilities, refer to The University of Rochester Human Resources Guide, policy number 158.

Contact EH&S at (585) 275-3241 or e-mail Questions.

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